September 20, 2022
25 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Innate Creativity

Most people agree that creativity is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative. Makes sense, right? The question, however, is a tricky one, not unlike asking "How can I have a good marriage?" or "How can I become a better human being?" There are hundreds of answers and often different strokes for different folks.

Bottom line, there is no blueprint, no follow-the-dots instructions in this realm. But there are some simple principles and guidelines to consider. Below are 25 of them (and all it takes is ONE to get unstuck).

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August 23, 2022
REST: The Art of Doing Less


I know you are super busy, so I am going to keep this book review super short.

Why do I know you are super busy? Because you are living in the age of information overload and, unless you are in a coma, traction, or jail, you are very likely feeling overwhelmed much of the time.

Or as the White Rabbit put it, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date."

Most of our ancestors thanked God for everything. The rest of us? We thank God for Friday -- the proverbial end of the workweek -- a five day sprint too often cluttered with meetings, technology, and to do lists.

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August 15, 2022
What Drives Creativity?


If you have 23 minutes to spare and want to get some insights into what drives creativity (and what gets in the way), I invite you to click this link and listen to Gil Hanson's interview of me on his BE YOUR BEST podcast

Gil is a master facilitator of the process that enables people to understand, embrace, and design their own personal brand, no matter what their profession.

The podcast will be especially interesting to you if you are thinking of enrolling in my two-month, online Year of Living Creatively course which begins on September 12th.

More about the course

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August 04, 2022
Sun Tzu on Preparation


"Every battle is won or lost before it is fought." - Sun Tzu

What challenge or opportunity is coming up for you that will require a higher level of preparation than you usually make? What extra effort are you willing to make in order to prepare? What might prevent you from making the kind of effort you know you need to make?

How can you create the support you need to ensure that your preparation efforts succeed?

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July 25, 2022
101 Reasons Why You Definitely Won't Read This Blog Post

Man shrugging.jpg

I know you have no time. YOU know you have no time. I know you're not gonna do anything you don't wanna do. YOU know you're not gonna do anything you don't wanna do. We both know you're not going to read this blog post. It's too long and you have more important things to do.

What follows are 101 other reasons why you won't read this blog post.

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July 20, 2022
FACE THE MUSIC: Back on the Road After a Two Year COVID Hiatus


Face The Music is happy to announce that, since the arrival of Spring, we have been fully up and running -- providing in-person (and hybrid) programs after a two-year, COVID-induced virtual-only existence.

Like millions of people around the world and most of our clients, we have weathered the storm and are ready to work our magic in a world turned upside down.

Savvy business leaders, doing their best to adapt to the "new normal", are currently looking for innovative, effective and efficient ways to help their organizations find their mojo once again. That's what Face the Music is all about.

We help individuals, teams, and entire organizations turn the possibilities of the moment into the reality of tomorrow. We help them bond in new ways. We help people synergize thinking AND feeling and, by so doing, unleash the kind of positive energy that leads to increased creativity, commitment, and collaboration.

And it's all done in a fun, user-friendly way -- what our clients call "refreshing", "revitalizing", and "renewing."

Emails and memos from the CEO won't suffice. Nor will articles in your company newsletter or the same ol' meetings. Something else is needed -- an engaging, enjoyable, skillfully facilitated "all hands-on-deck" gathering with the power to reboot your workforce.

Here's what our clients say.

Founded in 1999, celebrated by CNN, and serving a wide range of forward- thinking organizations in 11 different countries, FTM is taking it on the road once again.

Yes, we adapted to these crazy times and provided our clients with virtual options (and still do); but there is nothing like real people in a real room having a real experience together -- and all for the purpose of connecting in new ways to work their magic in the world.

If you are looking for a powerful way to sharpen communication, boost morale, increase teamwork, and take a fresh look at your business challenges, contact Face The Music today:

1. Phone: 845-687-2100
2. email:
3. Online form

"In tune with corporate America." - CNN

"An extraordinary opportunity for our group to bond, let down defenses, and take some much needed risks." - Con Edison

"A great energizer and enormous catalyst." - Cytec Industries

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July 16, 2022
Creativity Requires Time

If you want to foster more creativity in your school, business, organization, community, or family, look for ways to give everyone more time. The difference between 10 seconds and 10 minutes can often be the difference between "same old, same old" and WOW.

In what ways can you give your students, teachers, staff, or employees more time to stretch their wings?

Idea Champions

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June 27, 2022


"There are no right answers to wrong questions." -- Ursula Le Guin

Effective team leaders sometimes suffer from the "monkey on the back syndrome" -- taking on other people's problems when, in fact, they need to be helping those other people solve their own problems.

One way to do this can be as simple as asking the right question at the right time. This gives the "problem dumper" a chance to step back, reflect, and think differently about their challenge -- a creative pause that increases the likelihood of them solving their own problem or, at the very least, taking responsibility for it instead of expecting you to be the savior.

Knowing what kind of question to ask a person in distress is an art, but it can be easily learned. What follows is a menu of questions for you to consider selecting from whenever anyone approaches you with a problem, frustration, or complaint and the expectation that it is YOUR job to save the day.

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June 16, 2022
The Combo Mambo

Humanity connecting.jpg

If you only had two minutes to live and wanted to know the secret of innovation, this is what I would tell you: "It's the elegant synthesis of two or more seemingly disparate elements that are perceived as useful by some cross section of humanity."

Translation? Every product, service, or process improvement is the combination of two or more elements that already exist.

What else was the invention of MTV but linking music and television in a new way? What else was the invention of drive-in banking but the novel (at that time) connection between "car" and "bank"?

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June 10, 2022
Idea Brahmacharaya


In India, spiritual adepts who give up sex to pursue God are known as "brahmacharyas." They believe that their vital power (i.e. kundalini) needs to be completely intact in order for them to have the ultimate experience.

What does this have to do with you, oh passionate seeker of creative breakthroughs? Plenty -- especially when you consider that one of the main reasons why many new ideas never see the light of day is because their originators have a tendency to "prematurely articulate."

Indeed, the act of talking about one's idea -- especially to people who are not necessarily supportive of it -- often has a negative effect. Sometimes, talking about what we're doing takes the place of actually doing it. Other times, the kind of doubt, suspicion, and negativity we receive in response to the verbal expression of our creative passions, throws a wet blanket on the whole thing. Ouch!

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May 28, 2022
Be a Mr. Jensen

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May 09, 2022
Unique, Discounted Products to Unleash Your Creative Mojo


If you are looking for a simple, engaging, inexpensive way to increase your odds of succeeding with your most inspired venture, I may have exactly what you need.

What previously I sold only to forward thinking organizations, I am now making available to the general public. Why? Because, post-COVID, I've decided to focus my efforts on individuals, schools, and entrepreneurs instead of corporations.

My creativity-sparking materials are time-tested, easy to use, and get results. Plus, 10% of all profits will be donated to Prem Rawat's humanitarian foundation.

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SELF-INQUIRY PAGES: How to Unleash Your Creative Mojo


One of the reasons why aspiring entrepreneurs, writers, artists, musicians and other cultural creatives struggle is because they routinely run into obstacles (inner and outer) that derail them. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sometimes all that's needed for a creative person to get unstuck is a few minutes of reflection, ideation, and a change of mindset.

That's what Idea Champions' online, self-inquiry pages are all about.

Created by Idea Champions' co-Founder, Mitch Ditkoff, self-inquiry pages are a kind of chiropractic adjustment for your creative mojo.

What follows are the names of the 84 self-inquiry pages I have developed so far, some of which are used in my online Year of Living Creatively course (the date of the next one is yet undetermined).

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April 30, 2022
THE SELF-INQUIRY RAFFLE: Unleash Your Creative Mojo


If you have a big aspiration to create something new and wonderful in this world and currently find yourself operating on less-than-all-cylinders, this is your lucky day.

WHY? Because I am giving away five of my mind-opening creativity catalysts for free -- as in no cost to you, no fine print, no strings attached. And YOU get to choose which ones you want.

I am launching this raffle because I want to, not because I have to. It is not a marketing ploy, gimmick, or sneaky way to get you to buy something from me. I'm doing this because I trust my intuition and know that the five people who WIN the raffle are going to get some major value from it and, PERHAPS, what they are here to manifest in the world will have a better chance of seeing the light of day.

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We Were Made for These Times!


What follows is an extraordinary call of the heart by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Not only is it worth reading, it's worth reading aloud -- so you hear it and feel it as well as see it. Then, you get to decide who you want to share it with -- and how. This is a piece of deep, soul-inspired, primal writing that deserves to travel to every corner of the Earth.

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April 22, 2022
In Honor of All Our Fathers

Barney&Syl Wedding cropped 2 jpeg.jpg
I wrote the following piece the night my father died three years ago and read it at his funeral three days later. If your dad is still alive, love him today and every day. If you're dad is gone, cherish his memory and all that he taught you. If there's anything you need to forgive him for, today's the day.

Last night, I sat in my father's office attempting to write this eulogy. I started five times and stopped five times. I started again, trying to find the words to describe how it feels to be here without him. I still don't know.

You see, I had a father for 94 years and have only not had a father for three days, so anything I say must be understood as the words of someone only three days old. But still I will try.

Indeed, this trying -- this effort to accomplish the seemingly impossible -- is a gift I've received from my father...

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April 11, 2022

MD Life is Good.jpg

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -- Helen Keller

The Year of Living Creatively is a two-month, online course for anyone committed to manifesting an inspired idea, project or venture and knows they need some support to do so. Click any of the links below for a deeper dive. The next course will begin in September. If you need more info, please contact the creator and facilitator of the course, Mitch Ditkoff (

An invitation to dive deeper into your own creative process
Who is the course really for?
What is the real value of The Year of Living Creatively?
How to identify your Year of Living Creatively project
The Year of Living Creatively Manifesto
The underground we cover
Entering the movie theater of your own creative process
The self-inquiry pages
The back story -- origins of the course
More about the creator of the course
People's three biggest concerns about enrolling in the course

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April 05, 2022
The Six Sides of the So-Called Box

Unless you've been in a coma for the past 20 years, I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "get out of the box." It's everywhere. Whole industries have sprung up around it, including mine.

No one can deny that getting out of the box is a good thing to do. Seems like a no-brainer, eh? Kind of like helping little old ladies cross the street. Or tearing down the Berlin Wall. But before you start planning your heroic escape, answer me this: What the heck is the box, anyway? What is this so-called thing that keeps us so contained, confined, caged, trapped, claustrophobic, and otherwise unable to create?

Let's start with the basics. A box has six sides, including the top and the bottom.

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March 25, 2022
Want to Become a Certified FREE THE GENIE Facilitator?


If you are looking for a simple, engaging way to spark powerful new ideas for your friends, colleagues, team, department, or clients, you have come to the right place.

1. WHAT IS Free the Genie? Free the Genie is a 60-90 minute online creative thinking session that sparks clarity, insights, new ideas, commitment, and the kind of positive mindset needed for aspiring innovators to make meaningful progress with a new venture, idea, or opportunity.

2. WHO IS THE CREATOR OF FREE THE GENIE? Mitchell Ditkoff, Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions -- a thought leader in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the creative process. His clients. And... what they say.

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March 08, 2022

Weaponize optimism.jpg

If you're a creative person working on a project that is unlikely to get results overnight, here's a simple practice to save you from the all-too-familiar phenomenon of depressing yourself by focusing on the proverbial cup being half-empty.

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