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Free the Genie Cards
55 Ways to Get Unstuck, Out of the Lamp (and Create the Results You Want)

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Free the Genie is a set of 55 creative thinking cards for open-minded people committed to bringing something new and extraordinary into their lives, their businesses, and the world. Think of the deck, if you like, as a personal genie — a powerful, 24/7 assistant whose sole mission in life is to help you realize yours. If you're stuck, the cards will get you unstuck. If you're already unstuck, the cards will take you to a higher ground — the place where creativity, inspiration, breakthrough ideas, and genuine commitment are waiting to be tapped.

Why the Genie?
Because the genie is the archetypal symbol of unexpressed potential — the hidden force within us all capable of turning inspired dreams into reality. In Aladdin's time, all it took was a rub of the lamp to free this power. Today, all it takes is some dedicated time and the willingness to interact with this deck of creative thinking catalysts — which, by the way, are organized into five suits: Attend, Intend, Suspend, Extend, and Connect. Like our five senses, each suit is a way to experience. And what you will you experience by using the cards is the heart and soul of your own creativity.

What the Cards Do

Unlock the imagination
Inspire quantum leaps
Awaken creativity
Spark insights and ahas!
Unleash genius
Free up stuck energy
Boost motivation
Increase adaptability
Diffuse doubt and fear
Accelerate change
Enhance collaboration
Build momentum
Close the gap between thought and action

How They Work
Free the Genie is both an oracle and a card game. As an oracle, it can be used like any self-help tool — as a way to seek counsel, clarity, and increased personal insight. As a card game, it can be used by groups or teams needing to brainstorm, solve problems, and accelerate their process of innovating.

Buy It $49
Or try our Online Genie right now.

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