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Merck, NBC Universal, Rexam, Chubb Insurance, Electronic Arts, MBooth & Associates, Barclays Bank, AtlantiCare, Duke Corporate CE, Allianz, Coca Cola, Infosys, Mitre, International Truck & Engine, OXY, Ikea, GE, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, General Mills, Michelin, Genworth, AutoZone, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, MTV Networks, ADP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Con Edison, Ernst & Young, Goodyear, Gap, Chicago Board of Trade, CPW, Scotia Capital, Cytec, Fuqua School of Business, A&E Television, Deloitte & Touche, Orange & Rockland Utilities, Houston Lighting & Power, First Bank of Chicago, ATMI, Champion International, Met Life

What Our Clients Say About Us


"Idea Champions has been a tremendous help in getting our innovation efforts reignited. As a result of their efforts we have implemented more than 250 value-added Big Idea projects."
Joe Belinsky, Professional Development Manager, Goodyear Rubber and Tire

"Idea Champions is the firm I recommend for anything to do with innovation."
Melody Mahoney, Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence, GE Capital


"Idea Champions offers pragmatic tools and insights that enable innovation. Their approach is engaging, encouraging and creates an impetus for participants to apply the learning immediately. Many of the people who attended IDEA CHAMPIONS' "Applied Innovation" session have expressed their delight with the many ways in which IDEA CHAMPIONS sparked their ability to be more innovative and collaborative on the job."
Michael Serino, Senior Director, Executive Development, Merck

"You don't just teach creativity, you teach it creatively. In fact, you embody creativity. You live it. You are sowers of a wonderfully powerful seed that now has begun to germinate and revitalize our organization."
Candace Thompson, VP, First Chicago


"You helped us forge a compelling vision for the future and create a strategic plan that was actually tied to our budget process and embraced by the workforce. We calculate that the ideas you helped us generate have saved us over $87 million in the first half of this year alone."
Richard Coskren, VP, Home Insurance

"I'd like to express my appreciation for the incredible success you initiated with our staff here at VH-1. You're great for business and that's the bottom line!"
Ed Bennett, President, VH-1


"You were able to mold a room of stolid and crusty business people into a lively team of innovators. Through your brainstorm faciliation, we gained more than 100 original ideas of high quality. The best of these will guide AT&T's development for years to come."
Robert Rubin, CCS Product Development, AT&T

"As a result of the Idea Champions' session, I now have the most highly motivated, self-driven, creative and fun team this division has seen in recent history."
Karen Buczek, Marketing Manager, General Mills


"It has been three years since we have licensed Idea Champions' creative thinking training and participant feedback continues to be positive. Banking on Innovation, in fact, ranks in our high satisfaction category — a rating of 95% or above."
Karlene Fletcher, Operations Manager, Lucent Technologies

"Several of the ideas we came up with in the Idea Champions session are being developed into concrete projects which are looking like very profitable opportunities. What is especially important, though, is the enthusiasm and energy level people still have as a result of the seminar."
Rudy Villa, VP, GE/RCA Licensing


"Since we conduct many brainstorming sessions at AT&T, we felt we'd heard almost every idea already. I am happy to say we were overwhelmed with the volume of ideas generated at the Idea Champions session. We not only got one new idea, but dozens! Of these, we looked at four in depth and all four are being developed into real, marketable products. One product was so simple and effective that we will be introducing it on the next few months."
John Dalrymple, Program Manager, AT&T


"Idea Champions and their Innovative Problem Solving workshop has been a great aid to our employees, challenging them to think of new, creative ways to look at their existing situations. The course has been a great tool to help our employees become more creative on the job."
Kelly Salita, Management Training, Chicago Board of Trade

"I really appreciate the insight, guidance and just plain hard work you put into our MTV brainstorming sessions. I want to particularly note how impressed we all were with Idea Champions' insight and understanding of our business and creative needs, as well as the varied and constructive techniques you used to take us through the creative process."
Gabrielle Del Sesto, VP, MTV Networks


"The High Velocity Brainstorm Sessions you designed and facilitated were wonderful. We achieved all the goals we set out to accomplish and more. Many of the participants were amazed at the number of ideas generated in just two days. The people who participated came back full of energy and commitment."
Sue Mongeon, Staff Manager, AT&T

"After bringing in Idea Champions during my tenure with two companies and three major events, I am convinced of their versatility and power of their techniques to create organizational change. Not only do they produce results, but people have fun in the process."
Scott Playfair, VP Quality, CSR America


"Your program exceeded all our expectations. It allowed our Executive Team to generate significant value-added ideas and build solid commitment to champion them. Once back in the office, a number of our execs immediately introduced regular brainstorming sessions with their teams and began sharing business ideas across the organization."
Craig R. Harden , Manager, Global Risk Mgt., Scotia Capital

"Thank you for sharing your passion for innovative excellence with the hundreds of product and marketing management professionals who have worked with you at the NYNEX Marketing Institute. Your enthusiasm is certainly contagious."
Jim Schultz, Managing Director, NYNEX Marketing Institute


"I have worked with Idea Champions on a number of occasions. Not only are they professional and dependable, but they are nothing short of inspiring, challenging me again and again to champion change in my company and within myself."
Lorraine Papenberg, Supervisor, Orange & Rockland Utilities

"Thanks for the outstanding work you did for the US Pharmaceuticals Division. We heard many comments from our sales reps and sales managers such as 'the best start to a sales meeting in 20 years.' You created a design that really facilitated adult learning. Thanks again for the partnership, hard work, and opportunity to produce a training event that added a great deal of value to my organization and ultimately, to our customers."
Jeff Cohen, Global Training and Development, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer


"What a wonderful Innovation event Idea Champions put together for us! Talk about out of the box thinking, it was out of this world!
Eric Birnbaum, Sr. Packaging Engineer, Kraft Foods

"Our organization has recently been through a major restructuring which has severely impacted the morale of our employees. Your programs were like an oasis in the desert creating a climate for people to rejuvenate and be creative, alive, and connected while being productive and having fun. Thank you for the drink of water!"
Laura Harvell, HR Advisor, OXY USA


"I would be challenged to identify a seminar or event that has had more impact on my professional life of 21 years than Idea Champions Innovative Thinking Seminar! Your unique ideas, problem solving solutions and articulation have been a lightning rod for my sales initiatives. My sales managers and sales people have never been better motivated! We will apply your principles in all our future endeavors."
Anthony Wasson, SVP, Centimark

"Banking Innovation is a superb training for new employees. The training has been a big success in getting our younger population more creative and understanding that innovation is a team effort."
Ralph Hulseman, CTA Research, Michelin


"Idea Champions has facililtated some extremely engaging and enlightening brainstorming sessions for us and has helped our team build our innovation skills."
Karen Lazan, Marketing Director, Pfizer


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