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What Story Do You Want to Tell?

You have stories to tell, whether itís one-on-one with a friend or in a Wisdom Circle with people you donít know. Some of these stories youíve told before. Some you havenít. But all of them have the potential to inspire and awaken. To help you identify a personal story you might want to share with others, take a few minutes now to rate each of the following story themes on a scale of 1-5 (with ď5Ē being the highest) for how interested youíd be to tell that story.

1. My biggest victory
2. A small moment that taught me something big
3. A story Iíve never told anyone before
4. Discovering my true self
5. Standing at the crossroads
6. My earliest memory
7. What I learned from my biggest mistake
8. Tapping into my inner strength
9. An unusual collaboration
10. A mysterious connection with a stranger
11. A remarkable premonition
12. My first kiss
13. Contact with the other side
14. When time stopped
15. A missed opportunity. A chance not taken.
16. The sudden appearance of unexpected help
17. Amazing synchronicity
18. The most remarkable moment of my life
19. Going beyond fear
20. What I learned from someone very different than me
21. An unforgettable moment with my father
22. An angelic visitation
23. The power of immersion
24. A near death experience
25. The biggest surprise of my life
26. A transformational moment with a Teacher, Mentor, or Master
27. A single word, glance, or gesture that changed my life
28. My most embarrassing moment
29. What I learned from a child
30. The best gift I ever received
31. Making my mark
32. Taking a leap
33. Facing my opponent
34. The power of forgiveness
35. A childhood experience I will never forget
36. Choosing
37. Ask and ye shall receive
38. The most unforgettable dream I ever had
39. Asking for help
40. Putting down my heavy load
41. Being alone
42. Honoring my incarnation
43. Letting go
44. Accepting what is
45. Expressing myself fully
46. The power of trust
47. Removing the mask
48. Divine timing
49. The agony of betrayal
50. Itís all a matter of perspective
51. Being guided by unseen forces
52. Perseverance furthers
53. Against all odds
54. There is always a resolution
55. Everything happens for the best
56. A family secret
57. Being called. Following my muse.
58. True tenderness
59. Being saved
60. An unforgettable moment with my mother
61. The power of intention
62. Starting all over again
63. A past life memory
64. The power of love
65. Other Storytelling Themes

When you are satisfied with all your answers, press this button to record them.

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