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August 21, 2019
The Beautiful Stillness After Prem Rawat Speaks


After great performers come to the end of a performance, it is not uncommon for grateful audiences to give them a standing ovation. They clap, they cheer, they focus all their attention on the one who has just opened the door to magnificence. Think Pavarotti. Think Martin Luther King. Think anyone you've ever stood your ground for and loved.

What I find amazing is this is how Prem Rawat's presentations begin. Before he utters a single word, audiences are on their feet, applauding. And when he's done? Pin drop silence. Somehow, through his own unique alchemy of wisdom, humor, and insight, he finds a way to bring everyone to a place of perfect stillness, back to the very beginning, where there is nothing left to do, but be.

When Prem Rawat is done speaking, I find myself barely able to move. I am stunned, pinned to the back of my chair by the invisible arrow of love. All dramas in my life disappear and there is no me left to applaud the end of the show. What remains is a feeling.

Sitting in the afterglow of this man's communication of truth is a complete and total joy. Oh yes, I know I must move from my seat eventually. Oh yes, I know I will soon be walking and talking and asking someone to pass me the grated Parmesan in that great little Italian restaurant just up the road, but now -- here in this sacred moment after he speaks -- nothing else matters.

I close my eyes and breathe. Then I open my eyes again. I see people sitting. I see people standing. I see people wanting to linger just a little longer in this extraordinary state of arrival. Some walk in silence toward the exits, eyes down, not wanting anyone or anything to distract them from the deepest of feelings welling up within them far beyond time.

Photo: TimelessToday
Splitting the Arrow

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August 19, 2019
The Glance


What he sees
is who I am
and who I am
now seizes me
in this warm embrace of his glance,
my heart a lotus opening,
a dewdrop hanging
from a spider web at dawn.
What do you call this feeling
that wants to linger in the space
now made larger by him looking at me?
Is there a name for it,
does there need to be,
the fragrance of gardenias everywhere?

Photo: TimelessToday

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August 04, 2019
Being Human

Being Human.jpg

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August 01, 2019
The Pause that Refreshes





Feel free to download and repost

Calligraphy by Barbara Bash

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July 28, 2019


If you happen to be feeling overwhelmed at the moment, unappreciated, neglected, ignored, unloved, unsettled, diminished, disappointed, disillusioned, disgruntled, or just plain dissed, the following words from Saint Francis -- spoken over 800 years ago -- may be just what the doctor ordered.

By the way, you don't have to be a saint to get the value. Just a human being.


"O Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace!
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is discord, harmony;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light, and
Where there is sorrow, joy.

Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not
so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life."


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July 27, 2019
When the Rain Begins

Beautiful song by Stuart Hoffman. Vocals by Stephan Rivera.

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July 25, 2019
I Am Not Joking, It Is Serious

Thanks to Susan Gregory for the heads up!

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July 19, 2019
One Person at a Time


My teacher, Prem Rawat, is a marvelous storyteller. From what I can gather, he tells three kinds of stories: 1) Jokes, which are the shortest kind of story there is; 2) Classic teaching tales that have been told for centuries and; 3) His own, personal accounts of meaningful moments in his life. All three of these story genres pack a wallop. All three, delivered at the right time in the right way, have the potential to uplift, awaken, and inspire.

The following story, which I heard Prem tell years ago, has stayed with me from the moment I heard it. I continue to drink from its fountain, refreshed every time I do. It's a story about his father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, a great Teacher of his time in India, and a few of his students. PS: Today is the anniversary of his passing in 1966.

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July 12, 2019
Whatever It Takes

Whatever it takes.jpg

Illustration: GapingVoid

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July 06, 2019
The Tourist Syndrome


A few years ago, I went to Istanbul for a vacation. Never having been to the Mideast, I was excited to explore a new culture, which I did with great relish -- and a whole lot of hummus. Of all the new adventures, perhaps the most remarkable was the visit to the Grand Bazaar. Not because of the number of shops (2,432). Not because of the history (493 years old). And not because of the masses of people. No. Because I finally got clear about something in my own psyche and, by extension, the human psyche -- something I call the "Tourist Syndrome" -- a phenomenon that, curiously has great relevance to the way in which some people relate to Prem Rawat or any enlightened Master.

Here's how the Tourist Syndrome plays out:

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July 01, 2019

peace is possible8.png

Here it is

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June 29, 2019
THE SPRICE OF FREEDOM: A 5-Year Journey from Darkness to Light


NOTE: It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing the news that dear, sweet Sprice Drury has passed on. What a special soul she was -- full of love and devotion and playfulness and such a commitment to lifelong learning. I will miss her very much. What follows is an article Sprice and I worked on together in January, 2018 -- her effort to communicate what she had learned about herself and life after going through a particularly challenging period of time. If you have a few minutes now, please take a look and see what there is for you to apply to your own life -- a gift from Sprice to you as she continues on her journey.

"When you are going through hell, keep going." -- Winston Churchill

Sprice Drury is a woman who had it all -- a loving husband, a fabulous home, two horses, three acres, four dogs, a $350,000 year income, and the kind of fascinating work that allowed her to travel the world producing TV shows and documentaries. She was, in many ways, the poster child for success.

There was no indication, in 2012, that all of this was about to change -- a perfect storm of unexpected events that would not only turn her life upside down, but challenge every assumption she had about who she was and what life was all about.

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June 27, 2019
COLOMBIA: Choosing Peace

How the Peace Education Program is helping people in Colombia.

More about the Peace Education Program

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June 25, 2019
Prem Rawat's Conversation with a Cancer Patient

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June 23, 2019
What Do You Want?


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June 22, 2019
Kim O'Leary in Da House

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June 21, 2019

The website

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June 18, 2019
The Three Faces of God


When my mother and father, Sylvia and Barney, decided to sell their house on Long Island -- the one I grew up in -- and move to Florida, they invited my sister and me to take anything we wanted before they made their big move to West Palm Beach.

My sister, five years older and a mother of three, showed up with an 18-foot U-Haul truck. I showed up with a Volkswagen.

As I walked from room to room, exploring my choices, it soon became clear to me there was nothing I wanted. Not the blender. Not the toaster. Not the TV. Nothing. And so I spent the rest of the day, helping my sister carry out stuff to the truck.

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June 17, 2019
Being Moved

This is how I felt after seeing Prem Rawat for the first time, back in 1972. And I still feel this way...

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June 16, 2019
KENNETH'S STORY: The Food for People Program in Ghana

In this video you will meet Kenneth, the first student from the Otinibi Basic School, in Ghana, to ever attend university. He credits the Food for People Program with empowering him to succeed in school and gain admission to the University of Ghana. Kenneth was the first from his community to make it to college, but now there are several others following in his footsteps.

As Prem Rawat said to the students at the opening of the Food for People facility in 2012, "This program is here to give you the opportunity to reach for the stars."

More videos about this project

To donate to the Food for People project

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